Benefits and services


To furnish the best service to our clients, MACOSA is completely computerized in the Microsoft Windows 7 Server network and uses an internet guaranteed high-speed connection.

MACOSA also uses GESCOM's production management network software (ERP) that traces products with bar codes and uses software for operational ranges based on standard times (BIT - MTMI) from the same supplier.

This software lets clients follow the evolution of our training plan, a key part of our company responsibility (RSE).

Supplies are verified for quantity and quality as they are received.

Any lack or excess in supplies or materials delivered or any quality or quantity problems will systematically be communicated to the client.

MACOSA's mechanical service is well-known for its technical skills and working environment.


Patternmaking, patterns and grading

  • Prototypes
  • Internal and external fittings
  • Digitalization of cardboard patterns
  • Digitalization for periodic services
  • Industrialization
  • Grading from sizes 85A to 110G
  • Technical production files

The design office of 6 persons works closely with each brand's designers. Fittings are done either internally or externally at our clients using their own fitting model.

The design office finalizes the collections and single models using a standard base. It names the pattern pieces and models plus calculates the amount of materials and trims needed.

It also conceives the production spec sheets with key points for construction, quality and measurements as well as the material and trimming quantities used ...

The design office uses LECTRA MODARIS EXPERT 3D V8R1, LECTRA EXPERT PRO V8R1 creation and perfectioning softwares and LECTRA KALEDO STYLE V4R1 creation tech pack


Buying supplies, co-contracting

Macosa supplies the basic trims linked to manufacturing such as clear straps, thread (standard colors), hygienic strips...

Based on need and financial implication, Macosa can buy materials and supplies to provide a complete service.

However this does not exclude the responsibility of our client or his implication in his collection and choice of materials, colors, trims and accessories.


Cutting - Made-to-order cutting - Lectra automatic cutting

  • Placement and optimization for use of fabrics
  • Traditional quilting
  • Spot quilting OR Point quilting
  • Lectra automatic cutting (Gerber interface)
  • Band cutting
  • Dye cutting
  • Heat-bonding
  • Placing rhinestones and transfer prints
  • Manufacturing of bindings

Equipped with a variety of tools, the multi-skilled cutting team is known for its ability to optimize fabrics and materials.

Thanks to the company's know-how and use of the LECTRA DIAMINO FASHION V.6R1 placement software and of the OPTI PLAN PRO V3R3 software, substantial gains in economizing fabric are made.

Any length or width variations in the fabrics received are immediately signaled to our clients.

The cutting room also does piece-work cutting for other clients.

Based on a customer's needs, the cutting room can also cut panels (for embroideries, inlays, laser-cutting or placements of transfer prints...) and send them out for piecework in France or abroad. The pieces are then returned for assembly.



  • Manufacturing collections
  • Manufacturing small (5-piece minimum by size/color/cup depth), mid-sized or large series
  • Manufacturing reorders
  • Manufacturing press models
  • Special manufacturing for fashion shows
  • Repairing products after their return from offshore manufacturers to ensure their quality​
Organized in 7 groups of 10 seamstresses working with a team leader and coordinated by a supervisor, the multi-skilled production team is capable of manufacturing in small quantities and assuring an irreprochable quality.

Relying on a large, diverse set of machines, the production team is totally invested in adapting itself to each series' size and complexity to obtain client satisfaction by respecting delivery dates and quality. A modular work schedule has been negotiated with the staff to best serve our clients in extremely busy periods.

We respect the confidentiality of our clients' creations. During the collection's manufacturing phase, clients can only visit their own manufacturing chain. Potential clients are not allowed to visit the workroom during this crucial period.

Motivation, know-how, innovation, quality, availability, reactivity are the production team's key words.



  • Finished garments are boxed or put in plastic bags
  • Placement of stickers, bar codes, thin cardboard ...

We pack in boxes, "window" boxes or plastic bags with or without tissue paper depending on our clients' wishes, and fold them based on the type of products. We also attach brand identifications, sizes and bar codes.



  • We prepare the order based on your order form
  • We ship to your clients (if under 2000 pieces)

For clients with 2000 pieces or less, we can stock merchandise, if they wish, and then ship it at the appropriate time to France, Europe or anywhere in the world as long as the companies respect European regulations.


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