Our team

Macosa depends on a team of 105 qualified professionals with a high-end and luxury background.

Thanks to their multiple skills, they can produce very small quantities in semi-autonomous groups and assure an irreprochable quality.

Benefitting from an extremely large, diversified set of machinery (over 480 pieces), the production team adapts itself according to each series' size and complexity. The team is dedicated to obtaining client satisfaction by respecting the delivery dates and quality of the goods shipped.

MACOSA has signed an entreprise agreement with each staff member to be able to adapt work hours based on client orders, especially in busy periods.

MACOSA goes well beyond its obligations of annual training, giving its staff the opportunity to evolve professionally in terms of their managerial or job responsibilities.
Internal promotions are systematically put in work before anyone is recruited from outside the company.

Since people are the center of our preoccupations, we keep a close eye on the quality of the work environment for both each employee’s personal evolution and the company’s collective well-being.